A breastfeeding emoji could be on the way

It was among the most requested characters of 2016.

October 26 2016

While the new icon hasn’t been confirmed, it seems there's a good chance it will happen.


Speaking to the ABC, Unicode said a breastfeeding emoji was among the most requested characters of 2016.


Lee Told the Huffington Post she was inspired to submit the proposal after seeing a number of women unaware of the challenges associated with breastfeeding.


"I just don't think we are exposed to it [breastfeeding] enough in society and sometimes we forget how important it is developmentally in all areas to mothers and their babies," she said.


"I am under no delusion that creating a small emoji to exist in this society may not be the real push to normalise breastfeeding in public forums, but if it helps just get the message out there by creating discussion and gathering support, then it's all worth it."


The committee will also consider an almond, a coconut, a climber, a mermaid, a person meditating and a pie in a meeting next month.


If approved the characters will appear in Unicode’s 10.0 update in 2017