JUST IN: A breakthrough in William Tyrrell case

Police investigate new lead

September 12 2018

A new breakthrough has emerged in the case of missing child William Tyrrell, who vanished from his home four years ago.

Investigators are examining a burnt-out car which was found in bushland close to the spot where William was last seen.

The three-year-old had been playing at his grandmother’s house when he went missing.

It’s believed that the vehicle belongs to a person of interest in the case, Tony Jones, who has always denied any involvement.

The person who discovered the abandoned vehicle in the bush told A Current Affair he recognised it as the same make and model car Jones had been driving.

However, when police arrived on the scene they found the car had been flipped over and burnt out.

This new piece of information will be part of the ongoing investigation into Williams’ disappearance.

An inquest is expected to be held next year and will hopefully provide answers for William’s loved ones.

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