25 ways you're doing a 'good enough' job as parents REJECT the idea of being 'supermums'

How many can you relate to?

May 29 2019

Eight out of 10 mums are refusing to buy into the idea of being a 'supermum' – and are embracing the idea of doing a ‘good enough job’ instead, a study has found.

Researchers polling 2,000 mums of children aged between newborn and 18 for Channelmum have found that being a good enough mum and raising happy and healthy children rather than trying to achieve an idea 'perfection' is the way they want to be!





Being a 'good enough mum' includes producing a birthday cake on time for their child’s birthday as well as serving up some vegetables for their child at mealtimes, even if they only eat a couple of forkfuls.

The survey also reveals that your child getting the best grades in class isn't as important as it it used to be - and, yes it is OK for the kids to have in front of the TV without the assumption you've failed in ANY way as a parent.

Practical Parenting Editor, Frances Sheen, totally agrees that this new normal is really encouraging 

“Parents today are under so much pressure to be what they consider the 'perfect parent'".

"But often it's only what they see on social media - which isn't real.

"It's great that parents are starting to recognise that putting yourself under pressure to be an unrealistic version of 'perfection' isn't ideal. 

“Don't give yourself a hard time. If you have a child who is happy and loved, you are definitely doing a great job.”

The OnePoll research also revealed a resounding nine in 10 mums just want their kids to grow up and remember their childhood fondly.






  1. You tell your child you love them at least once a day
  2. Your child goes to bed in one piece and happy
  3. Questioning or worrying about being a good enough mum means you already are one
  4. Not worrying that your child is covered in mud, food or paint because they are having fun
  5. When you accept that winging it is as a parent is what everyone does and it's normal
  6. Knowing that self-care isn't selfish. Even if it's just finding time for a soak in the bath, a coffee with a friend or a bit of peace and quiet upstairs alone.
  7. When you've managed to make the time to read to them at night
  8. Accepting that a living room full of toys is normal and more than OK!
  9. When you spot a child having a public tantrum and rather than judging, you give the mum an 'I'm here for you sister' look
  10. You realise it's OK for the kids to sit in front of the TV at times, so you can get a bit of peace and quiet.
  11. When you you had a bad day and you love you love that your kids are going to bed ALMOST as much as you love them. And you STILL want to sniff their sleeping heads
  12. Realising that you haven't bought  new clothes for yourself but your kids have new ones. 
  13. You don't take your child's behaviour personally - just because your child didn't behave is NO reflection on you
  14. Your kid's not getting the best grades in the class - but they're learning about being a good person
  15. The realisation that you can't pour from an empty cup and that looking after you is as important as looking after your child.
  16. It's a good idea to arrange a night out with friends, away from the children
  17. You don't cook from scratch, but the kids are full and fed
  18. You manage to produce a cake in time for their birthday - bought or made
  19. Knowing that it's fine that you don't help out at school because you work
  20. You understand other people need to look after the children too - it doesn't all fall on you
  21. When you serve up vegetables/fruit iat mealtimes, but you know they won't usually eat it!
  22. Knowing that the 'beige dinner' phase won't last forever and not worrying about it
  23. Your child tells you they hate you, then that they love you half an hour later
  24. When you feel like you're failing as a mum BUT you are seriously considering having another baby
  25. When you become adept at catching poo or vomit in your hands

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