25 Outrageous Baby Names That Are Officially Banned Around The World

Some parents have taken 'unique' names to a whole different level.

November 29 2016

Tiny office mate.
Tiny office mate.

[Blank Space]

This Australian couple likely came up with this name before Taylor Swift released the hit song, however it was still deemed inappropriate.


This outrageous name has been banned in both Australia and Mexico.


In Morocco it has been established that parents must name their child in alignment with the ‘Moroccan identity.’ While Sarah with an ‘H’ is banned as it’s considered to be the Hebrew spelling, ‘Sara’ is accepted as it’s considered Arabic.


A couple from Denmark were knocked back after submitting this ridiculous name. It was then added to their banned list which also includes ‘Anus’ and ‘Pluto.’


The Mexican state of Sonora rejected the name as it fell inside their banned guidelines of being ‘derogatory, pejorative, discriminatory or lacking in meaning.’



Most countries disallow the use of numbers and symbols in children’s names, including China. However, a Chinese couple tried their luck anyway justifying that the symbol pronounced ‘ai-ta’ is similarly sounded to the language’s pronunciation of ‘love him.’


This modern ‘name’ was banned last year in Australia, along with Lol, iMac, Jesus Christ and Maryjuana.

Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii

A poor girl actually had this name for nine years before her parents were ordered to change it. The reasoning? It made her a target for bullying. We’re not really sure how it slipped through the cracks in the first place…

Fish and Chips

The New Zealand names registrar banned a set of twins from having these names.


This was actually a protest against the strict naming laws in Sweden. The resident couple said the name was bizarrely pronounced ‘Ablin.’

Sex Fruit

We, like New Zealand, also couldn’t find any reasoning behind this name.


Yet name another crazy name banned in Mexico.


While actress Gwyneth Paltrow got away with naming her daughter Apple, it has been banned in Malaysia. The country prohibits children being named after animals, fruits and vegetables.


While this French couple were likely Nutella enthusiasts, they supposedly chose the name in hope she was sweet and popular like the Hazelnut spread. Last year, the French court banned the name saying she could instead be called Ella.

Akuma (Devil)

The Japanese word for Devil was banned in the country as it was deemed inappropriate.


Iceland has actually banned all names starting with the letter ‘C’ as it is not part of the country’s alphabet.

Osama bin Laden

The name has been banned in Germany – why? Well it’s obvious…


Another inappropriate name rejected in New Zealand.


This wacky name was, of course, banned in Australia. While they were probably paying homage to their heritage and love of the combination, it still didn’t quite make the cut. The same went for the  name Ned Kelly, last year.

Source: Bride To Be.